Emerging Voices: 2023’s Most Promising Hindi Writers

 Emerging Voices: 2023’s Most Promising Hindi Writers

Welcome to an insightful journey through the vibrant world of Hindi literature! In the realm of words and imagination, 2023 has witnessed the rise of some exceptionally talented Hindi writers who have adorned the literary landscape with their thought-provoking works. This article celebrates the achievements of these promising authors, whose books span across various genres, including poetry, fiction, and short stories. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the brilliance of these literary voices, their unique perspectives, and the profound impact they have made on Hindi literature.

Nikita Rajpoot, a recognized poetess, gained fame with her debut Hindi poetry book, “Goonj.” Her anthology “Sangam” contributed to Hindi literature and encouraged budding poets. She founded the literary platform “Towards Literature,” promoting literature in Panipat. Her third book, a Hindi poetry anthology, aims to explore the vast scope of literature. She acknowledges God’s grace and seeks spiritual advancement. Her latest book, “Eternals,” achieved success by ranking in the Top 50 Bestsellers on Amazon Kindle Store under Religion & Spirituality. “Eternals” continues to captivate readers.

Saurabh Kumar Vaish is a sailing Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy. He dabbles in poetry and lives to write during his free time on the high seas. He is deeply influenced by Indian history and mythology. He is an avid reader and reads a lot of Indian literature.

His book “Ramkavya” is based on the greatest epic of Hinduism, Ramayan, a very old story that teaches us to stay true to the path of Dharma no matter the problems and hardships one faces.
It is basically a translation of Shri Ramcharit Manas in simple Hindi poetry. Shri Ramcharit Manas is written in the Awadhi language, hence not many people are able to understand it and take lessons from it. The idea behind this huge undertaking is to make this epic available to all, in an easily understandable language.

Anju Pareek, a remarkable author unveils the female psyche in her latest book, “Bhagya Ka Khel.” With a diverse background and a strong educational foundation, Anju has made significant contributions in various fields, including banking and early childhood education. Her expertise also extended to journalism, where she served as the esteemed editor and publisher of Antar Awaz newspaper, captivating readers with her insightful perspectives.
Anju Pareek, a multifaceted author, presents her latest book, “Bhagya Ka Khel.” This captivating work delves into the inner conflicts, societal roles, and creative potential of the female mind. Through a compelling story, Anju Pareek explores the transformative power of timely guidance. Join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as she unravels the complexities of womanhood.

Atul Prabha, a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) by education and a Finance Head by profession, working with various global companies in India. He has had the privilege of collaborating with companies from Japan, Korea, America, Canada, France, and Germany, both in India and abroad. His work has taken him to numerous Asian and European countries, giving him a unique perspective on the beauty and incredible nature of India.
From a young age, Atul has been an avid reader, devouring thousands of books. Now, he has finally penned his own book—a heartfelt love saga that spans over 50 years. With his vast experience and passion for storytelling, he has a lot to share with his readers.
In his humble words, Atul says, “This is our story; the story of you and me. There’s a high chance you’ll find it appealing.” Get ready to embark on a captivating journey as Atul invites you to immerse yourself in a tale that resonates with love, emotions, and the essence of our shared human experience.

Rakesh Kumar Singh is a serving officer in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). He has written six books, both fiction and non-fiction. The topics range from policing methodologies to Naxalism. He has written novels as well. Colours of Red (2021) and Lockdown Love (2022) Bahut Chaaha Maine (2023) were his novels, which were hugely appreciated. He has also written more than a hundred articles in leading newspapers and magazines on diverse subjects. In his twenty-eight years of service in the CRPF, he has been awarded several medals and commendation dises by the government. He has served in conflict zones such as Kashmir and in the north-east, besides in areas like Dantewada in Bastar, affected by Naxalism. He serves as a resource person for police academies. He has received the prestigious Govind Ballav Pant Puraskar for his books – ‘Naxalwad aur Police ki Bhumika’ in 2011 and ‘Naxalwad- Ankaha Sach’ in 2021.

Santosh Kumar Sharma is an ex-bank manager, a poet, a writer, and an avid reader. He was born in the historical township of Lachhmangarh, Shekhawati in the colorful state of Rajasthan, and grew up in the beautiful tea city of Dibrugarh, sitting by the side of the mighty Brahmaputra of the mesmerizing Assam. Having a flair for writing since schooldays, the poet endeavors to share his engrossing experiences of the journey of life through his poems and novels.

He recently published his book ‘Sunsaan Sadko Par,’ an amazingly heartrending collection of intense poems composed by Santosh Sharma. This poignant collection takes readers on a journey through a deep ocean of emotions, with most poems reflecting the pain of a lover who reminisces about the unforgettable pleasant times spent in the company of their beloved, who, unfortunately, got separated from them forever.

Mayank Jain, known by his pen name “Maanik,” honors his beloved grandfather, Maanik Chandra Chhabra, through his chosen name. The love and attachment Mayank had for his grandfather inspired him to adopt this pen name. Raised in the nurturing embrace of his parents, Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain and Mrs. Niranjani Jain, Mayank’s poetic journey began on August 25, 2000, when he was born in Gaya, Bihar. His sister Mansi and brother Aman have been instrumental in encouraging his passion for poetry. Mayank’s uncle, Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, and teacher, Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Sahaaye, have also played significant roles in shaping his artistic development. With the support of his family, the divine blessings, and his exceptional skill in calligraphy, Mayank ‘Maanik’ continues to gift the world with his profound poems, kavitas, and shayaries.

As we conclude this exploration of 2023’s most promising Hindi writers, we are left in awe of the extraordinary talent that graces the realm of Hindi literature. Through their poignant poetry, captivating fiction, and immersive short stories, these authors have painted vivid portraits of human emotions, societal realities, and timeless narratives. Their ability to evoke profound emotions, challenge conventional thinking, and transport readers to captivating realms is a testament to their literary prowess. As we bid adieu to this enchanting journey, let us celebrate and embrace the boundless creativity and literary genius of these Hindi writers, who continue to shape the future of literature in their own distinct ways.

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