Book Review: The Human Side | Exploring the Depths of Human Emotions.

 Book Review: The Human Side | Exploring the Depths of Human Emotions.

The Human Side

By Yash Mohanty Dogra

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This book is a catalyst for intellectual growth and personal transformation. We invite readers who relish the transformative power of philosophical literature to seize this opportunity and embrace the profound insights it offers.

? Fans of literary fiction ? Anyone who enjoys short stories ? Poetry enthusiasts

REVIEW: This book is mysterious, evocative, and transformative. The seven aspects of a person, perhaps more accurately, the vulnerabilities of human life—have been accurately depicted in this book’s seven stories through the behavior of a large number of individuals.

This anthology of short stories adopts a novel approach to describing the seven emotions that people experience—affection, trust, time, sentiments, joy, surprise, fear, worry, contempt, prospect, and repulse—and how these feelings define us.

Anurag, who despises love and love the most and despises anybody who believes in love, is introduced in the first story. His intention is to argue, bother, and irritate people all day.

The circle inspector, Ranganathan, was sincere but often irritable. He also rejects the notion of love marriages. He wanted to penalize everyone who gets into a love marriage without their parent’s consent. So much so that He also spares Mrinal, the husband of his daughter. 

Diya, an orphan girl falls in love with Major Pranay, aged 28 years. Both of them were orphans, so they understood the value of friends, friendships, and family. Little do both of them know that their life and love journey will be meeting a similar fate. Is there any beginning for the rest of the characters in this tragic end?

It is an exciting and extremely compelling book for readers looking for a life-changing, behavioral insight of a person, and spiritual searchers seeking self-realization. It has lovely literary touches like soul-stirring poetries in between in both Hindi and English.

The author perfectly captured the feelings with an element of poetry.  At the conclusion, the author flawlessly connected every character into one, as though they each represented a distinct human being with a range of emotions. A simple, approachable, and participatory writing style with straightforward, thought-provoking questions is used.  

The author’s writings are more than just a fast fix of fiction for time-pressed readers. They were expertly written, and as we turned each page, they exploded in front of us like emotional explosives. we were shocked when it finally ended.

Readers who enjoy reading books with strong philosophical undertones are encouraged to do so. This will undoubtedly make someone happy. It has a tonne of valuable life lessons and illuminating anecdotes. You’ll enter a state of inner happiness while reading this book.

Readers will identify with the concept of this book so strongly that you will find yourself examining your life as you read it. Highly suggested. Please give it a careful read!

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