Challenging the Norms: A Review of “Letter to Future” by eShan

 Challenging the Norms: A Review of “Letter to Future” by eShan

Letter 2 Future

by eShan

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“Letter to Future” by eShan is a thought-provoking and mind-expanding journey through time and the complexities of human existence, offering wisdom, humor, and a fresh perspective on life and societal norms.


“Letter to Future” by eShan is one heck of a book. It’s not your run-of-the-mill read; it’s like a deep dive into life, relationships, and what it means to be human. eShan takes us on a wild ride through time, from the past to the present, and even into the mysterious future. Along the way, he drops some serious wisdom about stuff like gender, sex, marriage, family, and, well, just life itself.

But here’s the kicker: eShan throws this crazy idea called the “Family Registration System” into the mix. It’s mind-boggling and makes you think hard about your role in your family and what it means for society. Seriously, it’s a game-changer.

The writing here is off the charts. It hooks you in, gets you thinking, and even throws in some funny and mind-blowing moments. It’s like an intellectual rollercoaster that messes with your head in the best way possible.

And eShan doesn’t stop there. He tackles everything from yin-yang philosophy to virginity (yeah, that’s in there) and even some super complex stuff like cyclic redundancy. The guy’s a storyteller and a philosopher rolled into one.

But here’s the real deal: “Letter to Future” isn’t just about dropping knowledge; it’s about giving you the guts to question the norm and embrace change. It shines a light on all the messy parts of being human and equips you with some tools to navigate this crazy thing called life.

To sum it up, “Letter to Future” is like a wild journey through time and the crazy world of being human. If you want to expand your mind, challenge the usual way of thinking, and get to know yourself a bit better, this book is a must-read. It’s a mix of wisdom, humor, and mind-blowing moments that’ll stick with you long after you close the book.


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