Humor, Wit, and Deep Reflection: Exploring Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga | Book Review

 Humor, Wit, and Deep Reflection: Exploring Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga | Book Review

Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga

By Robert Isenberg

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“Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga” is an entertaining and thought-provoking collection of essays that showcases Robert Isenberg’s versatility as a writer. With a mix of humor and poignant introspection, Isenberg invites readers to explore the multifaceted nature of life’s experiences. Whether you find yourself laughing out loud or reflecting on profound moments, this book offers a fine resource for attitude adjustment and a commendable addition to any reader’s collection.

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REVIEW: In “Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga,” author Robert Isenberg takes readers on an intriguing journey through a collection of essays that combine humor, personal anecdotes, and thoughtful reflection. This revised edition includes seven additional essays that further showcase Isenberg’s wit and ability to captivate readers with his unique storytelling style.

Isenberg begins the book by acknowledging the subjective nature of humor, emphasizing that what might be amusing to one person may not necessarily resonate with another. This sets the tone for the diverse range of stories that follow, some of which intentionally depart from the lightheartedness of the first edition. The author’s willingness to explore different emotional territories adds depth to the overall reading experience.

The newly added essays in the “Not So Funny” section offer a departure from the previously humorous tone, delving into more poignant and thought-provoking themes. “Against All Odds” shares the inspiring stories of two brave men who faced significant challenges and played a role in changing America for the better. These tales serve as a reminder of the resilience and triumph of the human spirit.

In “The Car Ride,” Isenberg presents a deeply personal experience from his childhood that remains etched in his memory. Through vivid storytelling, the author evokes empathy and invites readers to reflect on their own poignant recollections. Similarly, “Paul’s Special Birthday” pays tribute to one of Isenberg’s older siblings, shining a light on the unsung heroes of the “Greatest Generation” and their enduring impact.

“Learning How to Just Watch” is a standout essay that showcases Isenberg’s ability to confront difficult moments in life with grace and introspection. It prompts readers to examine their own responses to challenging situations and offers a relatable exploration of the human experience.

The additions to the Family section, “Father’s Day with My Mother-in-Law” and “Daddy’s Little Girls,” offer glimpses into Isenberg’s personal life, drawing readers closer to the author’s intimate world. These heartwarming essays provide moments of joy and resonate with anyone who cherishes the complexities and beauty of familial relationships.

The inclusion of “Two Writers Meet, One Speaks” adds a delightful twist to the collection. Isenberg skillfully captures the unspoken bond shared by writers, illustrating their uncanny ability to recognize and connect with one another, even in the absence of explicit cues.

Throughout “Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga,” Isenberg’s writing is engaging, witty, and peppered with his trademark humor. Readers will appreciate his skillful navigation of various emotional landscapes, as he seamlessly transitions between humor, introspection, and heartfelt sentiment.

While the book blurb mentions Isenberg’s other work, “Wham Bam! NYC in the Roaring Sixties,” it is worth noting that this book primarily focuses on the essays at hand. However, the mention serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the author’s broader repertoire and might intrigue readers to explore his other works.


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