Jaipur Literature Festival Makes its Debut in Spain, Thousands of Kilometers from Home

 Jaipur Literature Festival Makes its Debut in Spain, Thousands of Kilometers from Home

The Jaipur Literature Festival commenced in the rainy Spanish capital, thousands of kilometers away from its original location, with the purpose of establishing a platform for the exploration of Spanish writing. JLF Valladolid Spain, hosted in the northwestern city, aims to bring together a diverse range of writers, thinkers, artists, and poets to engage in captivating dialogues and conversations spanning various subjects, including fashion, design, history, visual art, literary fiction, and poetry.

The 10th international extension of this literary festival intends to serve as a bridge between the vibrant and diverse literature of Spain and India. During the opening ceremony, Dinesh K Patnaik, the Indian ambassador to Spain, emphasized the shared diversities between the two countries.

“We are truly interested in forming a literary union encompassing English, Spanish, and Indian languages. We are also keen on exploring Indian diversity, which is similar to that of Spain. In Spain, every 100 miles brings forth a different country, yet it remains distinctly Spanish. Hence, our similarities are evident. We share common thoughts, family values, a love for music, and an affection for children. When you amalgamate all these aspects, we create something truly unique,” stated the ambassador.

Throughout the three-day literary event, Spanish and Indian writers, scholars, diplomats, musicians, and actors, including Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP, and writers Vikram Chandra, Deepti Kapoor, Oscar Pujol, Agustin Paniker, and Pallavi Aiyar, will participate. Additionally, renowned poets Ranjit Hoskote and Raquel Lanseros, foreign affairs expert Ana Palacio, and Portuguese politician Bruno Macaes are also scheduled to attend.

Sanjoy K Roy, the managing director of Teamwork Arts, explained the significance of hosting JLF in Spain. “Why should JLF be in Spain? Primarily, it allows us to explore the world of Spanish literature. This marks our first venture into Europe. For us, it represents an opportunity to delve into a language that we, in India, may not be familiar with. Despite Spanish language programs promoting widespread learning, we are still relatively unaware of the writers from your part of the world.”

The event will be graced by the presence of Indian singers Usha Uthup, and Vidya Shah, actor Kabir Bedi, and Kutle Khan Project, along with Spanish musicians such as German Diaz, Raul Olivar Flamenco Trio, Pablo Oliva, and dancer Monica de la Fuente.

The festival will conclude on June 4, marking the end of this cultural extravaganza.

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