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8 Middle Grade and YA Fantasy Novels by Indian Writers

My idea of fantasy is fairly whitewashed. You know, with the Fair Folk and golden-haired maidens in towers. Although Western history is great inspiration—I too swoon over knights in shining armor who insist on being called “sir”—its domination has prevented me from seeing myself in fantasy novels. At best, I could be the “exotic” sorceress […]Read More

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Micro review: ‘Low’ by Jeet Thayil

‘Low’ is Jeet Thayil’s new book and an exploration of the yearning for oblivion. The story follows an Indian poet named Dominic Ullis whose wife has recently died of suicide. On a whim he takes her ashes to Mumbai to immerse them and while there he tries to deal with his grief by gorging on […]Read More

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‘The Illustrated Child’ book review: Picture imperfect

The seed of Norfolk-based Polly Crosby’s debut novel—described as 2020’s most haunting and magical literary fiction debut—germinated when she heard about Kit Williams’ Masquerade, “an armchair treasure hunt”. The book’s central character, nine-year-old Romilly Kemp, lives in an ancient farmhouse in Suffolk with her eccentric artist father Tobias and cat Montgomery. Until Romilly was four, […]Read More

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‘Hellfire’ book review: A Revolt Unfolded

Tyranny comes from the fear of losing what’s most precious to the tyrant. Sometimes that thing is power, sometimes it’s the semblance of normalcy. In her book Hellfire, Leesa Gazi explores tyranny and the way in which powerlessness is internalised, through the medium of a dysfunctional family. The book opens on an intriguing premise: Lovely […]Read More