‘We are emotional beings going through various kinds of emotions ranging from sadness to happiness.’ Author Aruna Joshi | Interview

 ‘We are emotional beings going through various kinds of emotions ranging from sadness to happiness.’ Author Aruna Joshi | Interview

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Aruna Joshi is a passionate writer, heading the editorial department of a leading publishing house in Mumbai. Her area of work is spirituality, self-help, and personal growth. She left behind her successful 18-year practice of architecture to follow her purpose which is to bring about a positive change in people. Through her counseling sessions, she has helped many people to take their relationships to a new level and to lead a happy and regret-free life.

Here is our conversation with Aruna Joshi

Q1. This book offers a complete guide to win over people, so while writing this masterpiece did it energize or exhaust you?
Writing this book not only completely energized me, but took my existing relationships to a different level. I have mentioned this in the epilogue; I took almost three years to complete the book. While on it, I had a few ruffled relationships, and I thought to myself that I will not publish the book unless all my relationships are smoothened out. I applied all the principles I have mentioned in the book and there was a remarkable change in my relationships. That’s the reason I can confidently offer these tips to my readers.

Q2. A chapter in your book, is about thinking positively, but as we know in today’s digital age where maximum people suffer from anxiety and low confidence even after being a ‘people’s person’ do you think that it is easy for them to think positively?
Well, I think ‘think positive’, it an over-rated statement. We are emotional beings going through various kinds of emotions ranging from sadness to happiness. It is difficult to NOT get affected by day-to-day situations. We all go through anxiety and low confidence from time to time. However, the trick is to train your mind to overcome the obstacles and negative thoughts as quickly as you can and stay in a positive state of mind as long as possible. So, this chapter is about how to achieve that state, how to think positively.

Q3. Generations have changed, communication processes with people have changed, although your book has every guidance towards others about communicating and winning over people in this digital era, what is the major setback while dealing with people from the old school?
See, we need to understand the basics of dealing with people. We are all emotional beings and we all crave for love, respect, care, attention, acknowledgment, empathy, and appreciation. These factors bind us all with a common thread irrespective of our age, sex, or social status. So, whether it is old school or new generation, these principles are applicable to everyone. If you follow these, there will be no setbacks in dealing with anyone.

Q4. Is there anything that you wish would not have changed in our generation?
I feel the over-exposure to everything in the world due to the digitalization has brought in a lot of stress, anxiety, comparison, and so on. This is the major change that has taken place. Our previous generations were not as stressed. However, we cannot resist change. It is the only permanent thing. Moreover, digitalization has brought in a lot of good things. We just need to re-orient ourselves and adapt to the change in the best possible way.

Q5. What is the most difficult part of your writing process?
Writing is my passion and self-development is my area of work. I love to write and the thought that my writing will bring in a positive change in my readers drives me to do it better. Writing just flows through me, so I can’t pinpoint any difficult part. But yes, like other writers, I also get a ‘writer’s block’. At such times I just take a break until I am drawn to writing again.

Title: The Subtle Art of Dealing with People
Author: Aruna Joshi
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Price: Rs.265 (Paperback)
Pages 198
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